Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Coming Soon...

  Now that I have located my password to this account and connected my new computer, I am about to finally get going with this project.  I have been bouncing ideas around in my head on how to use different Web 2.0 tools with different grade levels, also considering the critical information literacy project and the Participate/Plan a Project assignment.  I'll share my current thoughts below, however basic:

Participate Project- 1st grade- Find a good project, hopefully based on content, on site such as ePals.

Plan-a-Project- 4th grade- Connect to a 4th grade classroom teacher (M. Gerretson), co-planning a project related to Howard County 4th grade content objectives. (I know I only need to do one project, but this is what I do now so...).

Critical Info. Literacy- 3rd grade- Share positive examples and negative examples of websites, model proper/improper use (in research) and discuss.  I am open to creating quick websites that could be used in assignment.  Still thinking this one through.  

Web 2.0:
1.  Google Docs- I plan to create a Google document that I could use to get to know students at the beginning of the year.  Questions could focus on favorite tech uses, previous experience in class, and more.
2. Wiki- One of my schools uses a wiki to ask for and receive help with technical issues.  I will post a screen shot later, with names hidden.
3. Podcasting- I am currently planning a lesson for third graders, currently thinking mostly about how to record (so others aren't in background sound).
4. Blog- I am currently planning a lesson for fifth graders, trying to decide the best service to use.
5.  Maybe?


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