Friday, January 7, 2011

Discovery Streaming

In order to better understand what Web 2.0 really means, I have come across a number of other blogs, wikis, and internet literature about the subject.  Some of these resources highlight Discovery Streaming, an organization (hosted by Discovery- as in the channel) that provides streaming and downloadable video, but a lot more as well.  Some other features include...

Lesson Builder
Interactive Atlas
Lesson Plan Library
and more

Even more resources exist to help teachers with planning and instruction, including a specific focus on STEM topics.  I think the most valuable part of the site though is the huge collection of educational videos.  I have used this resource when teaching concepts that benefit from short video segments.  It was especially helpful to show a video of erosion, since our schoolyard example of erosion don't compare to other examples (i.e. Grand Canyon). 

Howard County teachers, if you have not tried Discovery Streaming, you could click on the picture at the top.  If you don't know your username, it is your email address.  I cannot reveal password over the blog, but if you need to know, please ask teachers on your team or the tech/media staff at your school.


  1. We use DS all the time. I have mostly used the videos. They have a great selection of a very wide range of topics. Some of the videos even have short review quizzes after them. I haven't utilized many of the other resources of DS, have you?

  2. In middle school we have access to Discovery Streaming with our subscription to Discovery Education. It is a great resource. I love that I can assign videos to students who may be home sick or out on a vacation... they can get some of the class discussion and content.