Monday, January 10, 2011

Wiki WIki

I've always felt that one wiki is not enough.  Anyway, if you read my last post about wikis, I gave a general definition and some examples.  If you didn't read it, go back and check it out.

As a technology teacher, I am involved in helping the staff with computer issues.  This includes a wide range of problems, from the simple act of plugging something in to completing a work order that will solve the problem. 

Before I was the technology teacher, the media specialist at the school developed a tech troubleshooting wiki.  I have slightly mixed emotions.  On the plus side it offers staff a chance to post problems and get quick attention.  This is especially true since I have subscribed (through RSS) to the tech wiki.  Another positive is that a teacher may notice that others had a similar problem, and can read the solution.  Once one of the media specialists or tech teachers have fixed the problem, they edit the wiki to explain how the problem was fixed, usually in another color.  I also like that teachers must think before they post, meaning that they should hopefully check for simple solutions to avoid the "plugged in ethernet cord" posting.  Perhaps the biggest plus is that it allows the helpers to fit the assistance in their schedule, as opposed to being interrupted or taking too long to get to the problem.  On the negative side, many staff members (including myself in past years) have opposed the wiki.  Its one more password to remember, one more step to getting help.  Not to mention what do you do if your computer won't turn on, how do you get on the wiki?  I guess my biggest beef is that the media specialist said "your administrators are watching how often you go on the wiki."  Doesn't make me want to help her with her wiki, even if it is a good idea.

Here is the tech troubleshooting wiki, using WikiSpaces:

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  1. Joe, I agree for people using the wiki it may seem like another step but I thought for someone who had to deal with the troubleshooting issues it would be a big help. As you mentioned, you will not have to be interrupted as much and then all of the tech team can look at the wiki and deal with the issues and it doesn't fall into the lap of just one person. Do you have to assist with a certain number of problems of month, or is the threat of someone is watching you the only thing they have hanging over your head?