Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ultimate Guide to Blogging

Hello again, I thought it would be a good idea for me to gather a large assortment of blog managing services for myself and others.  As a tech teacher, I am sometimes limited to only one class per blog service, especially since I am seeking free services.  Therefore, this collection can serve as a link to services I can use to set up classroom blogs.  My search of the web included my fellow classmates' blogs (about blogging).  Here are some excellent resources:

ePals- So much more than just a blog service, I highly recommend you check it out.

Edublogs- Another free service, one that doesn't require email accounts. 

Blogger- You're accessing a Blogger blog now.  Google recently bought Blogger. 

Edmodo- I came across this site, and logged in and started a group for one of my third grade classes.  I noticed that some of the fifth grade teachers use edmodo with math classes.  I can help get them prepared by starting in third with this service (and others) so that students are used to contributing to blogs.  I feel this will lead to more effective blogging for those fifth grade teachers.  Other features make the service pretty worthwhile. This site has also been referred to a social networking site, both for teachers sharing with other teachers and one that connects students within a class.

I hope I can get by using these four services, maybe with various email accounts or by contacting those who manage these services to see what I can do.  Edmodo will let me have multiple groups, which is promising.

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