Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Podcasting Part Two

I recently conducted various searches related to student podcasts and discovered that it can be hard to find collections of podcasts, especially about a related topic of content focus.  Still, it is quite easy to find a class website that features about 8 podcasts, sometimes more.  Many times the audience is neglected, never really acknowledged.  It sometimes seems as if you need to know the actual students and what in the world they are learning about to understand.  I came across one class were discussing reactions to poetry, but it wasn't referenced.  These flaws and more have made me think.

It still might be a little while before I get the chance to record podcasts with my fourth graders, but I am learning some things I want them to do.  I already knew I wanted them to work on sentence fluency, and now I want to ensure they have a good intro.  I'm sure I will learn more about what I want as we create the podcasts.  My biggest concern as I move ahead is finding a quite place to record.  I am lucky because there are some "extra" rooms nearby, but sometimes there are people in them (music, band, and reading specialists).  I'll have to talk to the teachers to see what times I could potentially use their rooms for recording. 

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