Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update on Mac App Store

It sounds like some people have checked out the Mac Apps Store.  If you haven't and would like to, you should click on the apple in the top left corner of computer screen and choose software update.  It will take a little while, about 15 minutes. 

I searched around a little bit, and I feel like there is some good stuff, but I think the app store will be better once it is past the launch phase.  At this time I have found something I could use with students.  I found a free app about the Constitution.  I downloaded it to my computer, and now can access the original text, comments on it, as well as notes about the signers and amendments.  If I can send this out to the student laptops (need to check on that), then it will be a great resource for fifth grade in fourth quarter.  That is still too far away for me to have any definite plans, but I may have students create web pages (using weebly.com) about the Constitution, the Amendments, or the signers.  I recommend you check out the apps at the Mac Store from time to time.

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