Monday, January 10, 2011

Revisiting Google Apps

In a previous post I highlighted some of Google's best apps.  Most importantly, I mentioned how Google Documents could be used by teachers.  I created my own Google Doc to use with students next year to get to know them and where they are with technology.

Since my last post, another way to use Google Docs has come to me.  I have created a questionnaire for the teachers with whom I share a class.  I have found that I really know certain grade level content better than others, especially the ins and outs of what the students study in language arts.  My questionnaire hopefully will lead to answers that can help me plan appropriate lessons that will not overlap with what students do in their homeroom or content classes.  I am asking what units they would like me to focus on, if they want to collaborate, if they would like for students to use tech time for internet research, and more.  I would share my questionnaire, but I am using it soon with the teachers with whom I work. 

There are other good apps by Google.  Google Earth allows users to travel the world.  What makes it a Web 2.0 technology is that users can add information to the "globe."  Such information includes pictures, 3-D buildings (via Google Sketch), and more.  I have used Google Earth with students, finding landmarks (cutting and pasting pics to word doc), learning about Maryland by examining physical and human made characteristics, and by researching Wonders of the World then adding placemarks with informative paragraphs. 

What will Google add next?

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